A Childhood Passion

SEBSAX, whose real name is Sébastien Andres, is a saxophone player from Sète, a city in the south of France. It was during a jazz concert held in his hometown when he was 9 years old that Sébastien Andres had a revelation. Completely overtaken by the sounds and the beauty of the saxophone, he decided that this was what he would do. His parents encouraged him and strongly supported him in his endeavour by offering him his very first saxophone, Sébastien was truly motivated to fulfill his dream. He worked tirelessly at learning his instrument to the point where, at the age of 12, he was able to perform as a soloist in an orchestra, in front of an audience of over 500 people. Coming out of it somewhat nervous but excited, he was convinced from then on that his life would be driven by the notes of his saxophone.

International Career

He adopted SEBSAX as a stage name, he now makes it his mission to bring his explosive music to high-energy parties, and his own blend of Jazz and Lounge atmospheres to more toned-down happenings. SEBSAX has now been navigating the event world for 16 years. Weddings, private beaches, festivals and upscale showrooms: people can’t get enough of him. A master of improvisation, influenced by funk, jazz, pop and deep house, SEBSAX plays alone or in a combo with a DJ. The mastery he displays and his own natural charisma guarantee success in all types of events, from the most ceremonious weddings to highly charged concerts. On his last tour of eight Zeniths and Arenas where, alone on stage, SEBSAX made a total of over 30,000 music lovers dance to his rhythms.

He has shared and still shares the bill alongside renowned DJs and MCs such as DJS GETDOWN, ALEX MILAN, LAURENT DELAGE, FRED PELLICHERO, MC SHURAKANO and STEPHAN KAAMA from Underdog Project. He regularly performs well beyond France’s borders; to cite but one example, he opened for Antoine Clamaran during the FrenchSpringBreak festival in Spain. He has also been seen performing in Italy, England, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Croatia, Russia, Belgium, Germany, Morocco, Reunion Island and many other places.

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